Spectacular views at Axamer Lizum with the ST Vista

May 03 2019

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Spectacular views at Axamer Lizum with the ST Vista
  • Spectacular views at Axamer Lizum with the ST Vista
  • Since summer 2018, the ST Vista is crowning the sunny Hoadl plateau at 2,340 m. Now, guests of the Axamer Lizum may fully enjoy the sight of the spectacular Kalkkögel massif.

    The Axamer Lizum is both a skiing resort in winter and a hiking paradise in summer. Having gained international fame thanks to the Olympic Winter Games in 1964 and 1976, this touristic hotspot is one of Austria’s winter sports areas with the most reliable snow conditions. In the warm seasons, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and summiteers alike appreciate the protected alpine area of the Kalkkögel massif with its pristine natural beauty.




    In summer 2018, the plateau in front of the Hoadlhaus restaurant received a new highlight: the ST Vista outdoor spotting scope. Taking advantage of the breathtaking views through the ST Vista is free of charge. Thus, the scope allows all guests to linger longer and immerse themselves in the breath-taking mountain panorama! The majestic peaks surrounding the vantage point, such as Marchreisenspitze, Ochsenwand and Burgstall are a truly impressive sight.

    “The SWAROVSKI OPTIK outdoor spotting scope is an absolute upgrade for the sunny Hoadl plateau. It gives our guests a wonderful opportunity to experience the exceptional panorama of the Kalkkögel massif up close.”

    Michael Körber, CEO Axamer Lizum

    Thanks to the ST Vista, you may also take the time to discover one of the many marmots living in tunnel systems below the gravelly mountainside. These cautious creatures are hard to spot among the rocks, but do need to move around to find the required food resources in summer, in order to get ready for hibernation in winter.




    Recharge your batteries while gazing at the green hills of the idyllic Senderstal valley, watch the buzz of the lively Inn valley from far above or take a closer look at Germany’s highest peak: the Zugspitze. Visiting the ST Vista in Axamer Lizum by taking the cable car or hiking up the mountain would be a worthwhile highlight of your next outdoor adventure.

    For further information, you may visit the ST Vista product page.

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