Expanding horizons – the ST Vista is crowning the vantage point at Diavolezza

April 16 2019

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Expanding horizons – the ST Vista is crowning the vantage point at Diavolezza
  • Expanding horizons – the ST Vista is crowning the vantage point at Diavolezza
  • An awesome panorama deserves to be appreciated and admired. With the ST Vista outdoor spotting scope, vantage points all over the world are now turning their vistas into true sensations. One of them is the Diavolezza resort in Eastern Switzerland.

    The Swiss Bernina massif, close to the Italian border, is one of the highest ranges of the Alps and covered by many glaciers. At its heart, lies the Diavolezza resort open 365 days a year. The impressing mountain scenery attracts alpinists in summer and ski touring fans in winter.



    The desire to see beyond the limits of the naked eye and into the far distance is as old as humanity itself.” - Diavolezza


    Such a splendid panorama lifts your spirit. By soaking it in, you will feel your horizons expanding and your soul growing. Thanks to our cooperation with Diavolezza, visitors may now experience all wonderful details of the peaks and glaciers surrounding them.

    Since fall 2018, the ST Vista is crowning the viewing platform near the Berghaus Diavolezza restaurant overlooking the "Ballroom of the Alps" at 3,000 m above sea level. Looking through the spotting scope is free of charge and allows all Diavolezza guests to linger longer and immerse themselves in the breath-taking mountain panorama! Seen through the scope, the glaciers and peaks, Piz Palü and Piz Bernina, look even more magnificent.



    Binoculars made the age-old human dream of achieving a near god-like power of vision a reality.” - Diavolezza


    As an additional treat, visitors may also rent CL Pocket binoculars. So, in the restaurant section of the Berghaus Diavolezza mountain inn, all guests may experience the unique view from the terrace with even more intensity. Do you want to see the incredible optical performance and easy handling of the ST Vista for yourself? Then pay a visit to Diavolezza in Eastern Switzerland. We recommend you order the local cheese with pear bread, nuts and honey at the Berghaus Diavolezza mountain inn, so that your trip will become a delight for both your eyes and palate.

    For further information, you may visit the ST Vista product page.

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