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Long-range shooting

For hunters to be able to shoot accurately over long distances, they not only require experience, but also knowledge of any influencing factors during longrange shooting. You will only achieve the perfect hit if all the relevant natural parameters have already been taken into account prior to firing the shot, and also if your equipment, such as your firearm, ammunition, and of course optics, can reliably deliver a top performance.


Long-range shooting has been enjoying growing popularity for years. The extensive deployment of technology and the passion for precision are actually the main motivations for marksmen. Increasingly sophisticated equipment and technologies that only elite marksmen used to have access to are now also widely available to competition marksmen. 

These technical options facilitate long-range shooting with unprecedented precision. At the same time, the difference between what is technically possible and what is ethically acceptable also emphasizes the importance of a marksman’s sense of personal responsibility. Competitions provide a good opportunity for marksmen to demonstrate their expertise over long distances, while also honing their hunting skills. But what exactly are the challenges posed by long-range shooting? On what aspects in particular should keen marksmen focus?


Even during their preparations, every marksman and hunter must realize that the rifle scope plays a key role in terms of accuracy. In this case, absolute precision is required through a rugged design. This is the only possible way to achieve an extremely high repeating accuracy, which is of paramount importance in competitive situations. The X5/X5i from SWAROVSKI OPTIK was designed to meet these requirements. All the crucial parameters can be finely adjusted on the X5/X5i rifle scope’s side and top turrets, which operate with absolute precision.


Purely from a ballistics perspective, prevailing wind conditions are one of the key factors that need to be taken into account for achieving an accurate shot. As the wind has a crucial influence on the trajectory, it is absolutely vital to estimate the wind speed correctly before taking a shot. There are numerous options available for interpreting the signs of nature. Experience also has a particularly important role to play, as can the support provided by a spotting scope like the STR 80 from SWAROVSKI OPTIK.


A basic prerequisite for accurate shooting is to know the shooting distance and the angle to the target. In this instance, it’s worth getting hold of a pair of EL Range binoculars, equipped with an integrated rangefinder with angle compensation, which will provide the necessary data. Ultimately, once all the preparations have been made, it is mainly down to the skill and experience of the marksmen to configure the correct settings on the X5/X5i based on the information supplied to ensure they hit the target. But it is precisely this complex interaction between weather conditions, technology and individual expertise that gives long-range shooting its very special appeal.


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