Turning an awesome panorama into a true sensation - The ST Vista at Riesneralm/Austria

September 21 2019

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Turning an awesome panorama into a true sensation - The ST Vista at Riesneralm/Austria

Since summer 2019, the ST Vista is crowning one of the most picturesque vantage points in the Alps, the Hochsitz Riesneralm at Donnersbachwald/Austria. Guests of this popular family destination may fully enjoy the sight of the amazing Lower Tauern massif now.


The Riesneralm, located in Styria/Austria, is both a skiing resort in winter and a hiking paradise in summer. During the warm seasons, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and families alike appreciate the natural beauty at this mountain area. Thanks to the wide range of activities it offers, the Riesneralm is attracting visitors of all ages.

One eye-catcher in the area is the Hochsitz Riesneralm. The summit restaurant – designed in the style of a hunting hide – offers a 360° panorama terrace with spectacular views. In summer 2019, this amazing vantage point received a new highlight: the ST Vista outdoor spotting scope. Aweing at the Lower Tauern massif through the ST Vista is free of charge. Thus, the scope allows all guests to make the most of their visit and immerse themselves in the breath-taking mountain panorama!




Thanks to the quality of the ST Vista, you can observe not only the wildlife of the surrounding area, but you may also take a closer look at the fascinating side valleys of Donnersbachwald. Especially gazing upon the Riedleralm and Glattjoch, the highest chapel in Styria, is so impressive with a 30x magnification. A true eye-catcher.
– Erwin Petz, Director Riesneralm “




What are you waiting for? It’s time to spend a beautiful day outdoors. Take the cable car or hike up to the Krispen mountain’s peak. Either way, a hearty Austrian meal at the Hochsitz restaurant will reward you afterwards. While waiting for your Wiener Schnitzel or Speckknödel (dumplings with ham), seize your chance to look at the surrounding Alpine peaks through the ST Vista.


Busy now? No problem. You may also enjoy the views through the ST Vista during winter season. Plus, you might discover surprising details as managing director Erwin Petz knows:


Our guest will love the ST Vista during winter season as well. Watching freeriders leaving their tracks when sliding down the Riesner Krispen is an amazing experience no one should miss”.

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