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Crossing Greenland in a green way

October 02 2019


Crossing Greenland in a green way


Greenland might not be the number one go-to destination when you think of your next holiday. However, there is much this white wonderland has to offer. Surrounded by the forces of nature guests to this incredible island begin to understand how mankind lived in former times. Faced with glaciers, snow, and ice as far as the eye can see, temperatures that plummet below -30°C (-22°F), and the most spectacular landscapes, humans are left humbled by nature.




Where most people stop is where it starts to get interesting for me.” - Thomas Ulrich

Crossing the vast reaches of Greenland is a challenging feat. Even more so when you use no other means of transportation than cross-country skiing, kite skiing, hiking, and climbing. However, the Swiss extreme alpinist Thomas Ulrich decided to tackle this challenge accompanied by Stefan Glowacz and Philipp Hans. Their three-month coast-to-coast expedition to Greenland in 2018 under the motto “by fair means” embodies the next level of eco-friendly travelling.




Push the limits. And find your own.” – Thomas Ulrich

The three adventurers managed to complete their roundtrip from Central Europe via Scotland and Iceland to Greenland and back relying on sustainable means of transportation alone: driving an e-car, sailing, cross-country skiing, kite skiing, hiking, and climbing.




Outdoors in the ice, your life depends on good equipment.” – Thomas Ulrich

In order to find his way through the snow and ice, Thomas Ulrich always had his EL 32 at hand. Thanks to its high-quality optical performance, the expedition could choose the best skiing and climbing routes. As the EL is fully operational in temperatures down to -13°F (-25°C) and can be stored at -22°F (-30°C), the adventurers could rely on their binoculars to show them the way despite Greenland’s freezing cold.




About the Greenland expedition: Coast-to-Coast 2018

Duration: 3 months
Participants: Thomas Ulrich, Stefan Glowacz, Philipp Hans
SWAROVSKI OPTIK equipment: EL 32
Forms of transportation/movement:

  1. by e-car from Munich, Germany, to Scotland
  2. by sailing boat from Scotland via Iceland to the Western coast of Greenland
  3. by skiers and kite across Greenland from West to East (1,000 kilometres = ~ 620 miles) with some passages of ice-climbing
  4. by sailing boat from the Greenlandic Eastern coast back to Scotland
  5. by e-car from Scotland to Berne, Switzerland


About Thomas Ulrich: An adventurer through and through
Thomas Ulrich has dedicated his life to adventure. A passionate ski racer and climber, the mountain guide always seeks to push the limits. On his extreme expeditions, the Swiss photographer and all-round talent needs to rely on his equipment 100 %. When it comes to high-quality binoculars, the EL 32 by SWAROVSKI OPTIK is his choice.

His motto could be described as DO THE UNDONE. SEE THE UNSEEN is SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s vision as a company. Thomas Ulrich experienced unforgettable moments in Greenland thanks to his high-quality optical gear


Do you want to know more?
Find the whole story (in German) about the expedition on Thomas Ulrich’s website.
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