Conserving wildlife in Namibia in times of COVID-19

September 25 2020

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Conserving wildlife in Namibia in times of COVID-19

Find out how our Namibian partner, Ultimate Safaris, promotes wildlife conservation in times of COVID-19. Dive into the story behind their COVID Chronicles.


Namibia – conservation fuelled by tourism

Namibia is well-known for having an impressive conservation track-record with many stand-out achievements. Conservation in Namibia is very closely associated with tourism, as has become the case in most of the rest of Africa where tourism income funds many conservation initiatives as well as vital conservation research. Tourism funding has put a significant value on wildlife and this has meant that the land custodians, who are mainly rural communities, are far more likely to support conservation efforts.




How to preserve wildlife without tourism revenue?

However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought international travel to a standstill and this has reduced tourism revenues to zero, leading to a massive shortfall in funding for conservation. Despite this desperate situation, conservation must and does continue! Incredible organisations and individuals continue with the most important work, ensuring that Namibia’s conservation efforts remain as intact as possible when all this is over.




Conservation at heart

Just like at SWAROVSKI OPTIK, everything done at our partner Ultimate Safaris, a Namibian Conservation Travel company, is considering the conservation impact as a founding principle. Ultimate Safaris now invests between ZAR 2.5 and 5 million (which currently equals about 130,000 to 260,000 euro) annually into Namibian conservation initiatives through their Conservation Travel Foundation, believing that one of Namibia’s greatest assets is its conservation success story.


The COVID Chronicles

The NAMIBIA – CONSERVATION FIRST – COVID CHRONICLES is an Ultimate Safaris and Travel Channel Namibia produced, real-life, conservation series, documenting the current, real-time, behind the scenes life of active conservation in Namibia, and putting CONSERVATION FIRST. The production is almost entirely funded by ‘in kind’ support, making it an incredible collaboration between various Namibian companies and personalities, bringing about an extremely special sense of solidarity, and encouraging a desire to do good during extremely challenging times!



Behind the scenes of conservation action

Their journey to incredible conservation projects and organisations ultimately takes viewers behind-the-scenes of Namibia’s conservation action. The series began on Monday, 18th May 2020 and episodes are broadcast from the field at 16:00 CAT on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Check them out.




Closer to wildlife with binoculars

The Naturalist Guides presenting the show are equipped with various types of SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars, such as CL Companions and the SLC 10x42. They use them throughout the series for bird identification, spotting elusive desert-adapted species such as black rhinoceros, elephants and lions, and for many other extraordinary sightings. Our binoculars have been a game changer for Ultimate Safaris’ Naturalist Guides.




Why show conservation efforts?

The campaign’s objective is to benefit Namibia as a touristic destination allowing Namibian conservation (and the tourism that supports it) to bounce back quicker post-COVID-19. Listen to and experience Namibia’s conservation journey – a journey that must continue. Follow this adventure yourself on Facebook or Instagram, or subscribe on YouTube!




SWAROVSKI OPTIK considers it its duty to care for the environment, protect nature, and preserve biodiversity. For further information on our approach to sustainability and conservation action:

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