Stop 5 of the BTX Tour - Skagen: nature

April 27 2017

#Bird watching

Stop 5 of the BTX Tour - Skagen: nature
  • Stop 5 of the BTX Tour - Skagen: nature
  • The large undisturbed and protected habitats on the Skagen peninsula provides spectacular sceneries when observing bird migration. The habitats involves areas with sand-beaches, dunes, moorlands, marshes and coniferous forest. Besides birdwatching you’ll find a lot of things to do all year round in Skagen.

    The beaches are beautiful with whiter than white sand and the sea water is clear and inviting. City life blooms in the summer, but fun events take place in all seasons. The nature in and around the city is truly unique, and "The meeting of the seas" where Denmark ends - is a must when you are here.

    From Skagen in the north to Sæby in the south, the landscape is traversed by walking- , cycling- and riding tracks. All along the coastline the water promises a good time swimming, surfing, rowing and kayaking. The fishing water here is perfect for angling from the piers, lakes or out on the open sea.

    The Top of Denmark has a long tradition of attracting painters, sculptors and a multitude of other artists working with many different types of materials such as amber, stone, glass, pottery and paintings. There are many galleries in the region and art museums with famous art exhibitions. During the year different interesting art events are also held, e.g. the yearly Arts and Crafts Week with unique and different art events.

    It's a quite fascinating experience to walk through the surf and look for amber – particularly if you're lucky enough to find a piece of amber. The 30-50 million year-old amber has always fascinated people down through the ages – and it still has the power to enthrall us. It requires experience, patience and lots of luck to find a piece of amber. On the west coast, conditions are best after a couple of days with wind from the west or southwest. Look for the amber when the wind drops and the seas are calm. The amber often drifts ashore with marine vegetation and seaweed, and there's a greater chance of finding amber at low tide.


    -          ...that Skagen enjoys more hours of sunshine that anywhere else in Denmark?

    -          ...that the Grå Fyr (“the grey lighthouse”) is to be reopened as part of an international bird sanctuary in 2017?

    -          ....that Råbjerg Mile, our migrating sand dune, shifts by around fifty feet every year?

    -          ...that the sunset observation point is being fully renovated for inauguration in June 2017?

    About the author:

    Knud Pedersen is a birdwatcher and bird photographer from Skagen. He has monitored the bird migration at Skagen since the 1970s. He is a member of the Danish Rarities Committee running for more than 25 years.

    Morten Jenrich Hansen is a birdwatcher and ringer. He works as assistant at Skagen Bird Observatory.

    Visit Skagen Bird Observatory’s website and on Facebook.

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