The new SLC family – Perfection meets Tradition

The new SLC family – Perfection meets Tradition

14. August 2013


Whether you are looking for amazing views in the wilderness or observing breathtaking images of the primitive beauty of nature, the rugged, proven SLC 42 binoculars are perfect for capturing those intense experiences of nature. The new SLC 56 models have…


Behind the scenes: Ice road birders - Iceland 2013

12. August 2013


In May 2013 James Lees hit the road in Iceland for making a mini-movie about digiscoping. He explored together with two friends the real wilds of the north where you don’t meet people but instead many birds and amazing wildlife! Watch the teaser online. The whole film will be shown by James at the Rutland Bird Fair in August 2013. In the meantime read James’s behind the scenes story!


The BirdLife international World Congress

2. August 2013

#Cooperation #Conservation programs

BirdLife International has just celebrated their 90th anniversary with their World Congress, held in Ottawa, Canada. The congress was marked by a fascinating and powerfully productive exchange between conservationists from around the world, really demonstrating the power and potential of ...

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