Kestrels at Close Quarters – filming with a spotting scope

31. May 2017

#Bird watching

An upcoming TV documentary on the life of Europe's most widespread bird of prey reveals unseen details about the Common kestrel. Swarovski Optik's STX spotting scopes play a key role in the making of the film.


The BTX in Mexico: Impressive shorebird migration and an old Cabot's Tern

18. May 2017

#Telescopes #Bird watching

After a frosty first encounter with the BTX in winterly Austria, Leander took it to the sunny shores of the Caribbean.


#Closer2Nature – Enjoy the BTX live: BTX Tour 2017 EXTENDED

18. May 2017


The BTX Tour 2017 is finished, almost. We decided to go on with the tour with four more tour stops in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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