Merlin Bird ID app

20. July 2017

#Digiscoping #Bird watching

Smartphones are becoming an increasingly important part of birding. If you want to be the first person to hear about a rare bird, digiscope a rarity, or submitting your sightings, having a small portable computer at your fingertips is enabling all of this to happen. We also look to our smartphones as identification aids now that field guides are packaged into apps. But what if your app could instantly scan your photo and match it to a species based on an archive of millions of bird images? It can.


The chicks are ready to fly! Update & preview from Kestrels at Close Quarters

23. June 2017

#Bird watching

See the progress on the upcoming TV documentary on the Common kestrel and watch an exclusive clip. The end of the breeding season approaches and the young kestrels get ready to leave the nest.


#DOY2017 „Digiscoper of the Year 2017“

1. June 2017

Discovering the macro in the micro, getting unique close-ups of animals, capturing fascinating encounters forever – this is what digiscoping is all about. SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been a leader in this field for years and is now running its “Digiscoper of the Year” competition for the 12th time to encourage people to develop their eye for beauty. People from around 80 different countries have submitted more than ten thousand photos and videos since the competition began. In 2017 SWAROVSKI OPTIK is once again offering an attractive top prize of a complete digiscoping set. A Facebook contest will be run in parallel with the main competition. “Digiscoper of the Year 2017” kicks off on June 1 and entries must be submitted by September 30, 2017.

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