Isle of Mull – the ultimate challenge for hunters

May 03 2019

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Isle of Mull – the ultimate challenge for hunters

Hunting in Scotland can be a real challenge: the weather, the topography, your level of physical and mental fitness – and perhaps even the language. Yet, anyone who is up for the adventure will be richly rewarded with hunting experiences like no other. It is hardly surprising that so many people catch the Scotland bug after their first visit – a yearning that draws them back time and time again.

Water is the main element of a hunt in Scotland – usually in the form of rain. However, it is also a mode of transport, because some areas can only be reached by boat. Plus, the country’s crystal-clear waters are the reason for the excellent quality of Scottish fish.

We tagged along with experienced Scottish hunter Donald Bisset, Head Stalker at the Benmore Estate on the Isle of Mull, and captured some wonderful shots of an amazing trip.


We climb the first hill and get a good view of where the deer are. Here we pause for a few moments to drink in the beauty of this expansive landscape.

The exertion of the steep ascent is followed by an easy stroll along the ridge. Donald Bisset tells us that this is often the best part of the day – a mixture of excitement and anticipation for the hunt that lies ahead.

Our concentration is reaching its peak because we are getting close to firing a shot. The ground is rocky, a wrong step or a loose stone could attract the stag’s attention. It is a typical Scottish landscape, but now our eyes are on other things.


We are getting close to the highlight of the day! We have spent hours stalking, and now it is time to get into position to take a clear shot. Do we have adequate cover, and is the wind blowing in the right direction? Is there a suitable rifle rest and is it steady? Is the shot direction safe? Have I chosen the right animal? Are there other deer in the line of the shot? What is the range? What is the impact point at that range? Will the angle of the shot affect the impact point? Is it possible to retrieve the game safely after the shot? All these questions have to be answered in the few seconds before taking a shot. This means that fitness and hunting skills are not all that is required for this type of hunting. Excellent equipment is also essential. The dS from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is the ideal choice of rifle scope because it allows us to concentrate totally on the essentials. The correct aiming point is automatically displayed, taking into account distance, air pressure, temperature, and angle.

Success! We can look back on a day packed with amazing experiences and emotions in the knowledge that we will most definitely be back. Yes, we have the Scotland bug too!


For more inspiration, watch the video capturing the highlights of this amazing hunting trip to Scotland:


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