Driven hunting in Belgium

September 07 2020


Driven hunting in Belgium

Dive into the world of driven hunts in Belgium. These occasions are exciting events that bring the local hunting community together. Here are some impressions…

In Belgium, driven hunting has a long tradition.



As it is a social method of hunting, hunters from different hunting grounds come together to assist their neighbors. Good planning, coordination, and signaling is vital for a driven hunt’s success.




The beaters and their dogs are responsible for pushing the game out of the thicket towards the shooters. In the aftermath, they also track down wounded game if any injured animals fled from the scene.




>> Safety is paramount. To be clearly visible to your fellow hunters, you wear orange clothing on driven hunts. Why not keep in style and also prepare your meal dressed in this vibrant color?


- Hawk Warm Beanie
- Cap
- Kitchen apron





Once the shooters have taken their stand, the tension rises and the heartrate increases. When will the first wild boar appear?




>> Are you all set for your next driven hunt? Check out the following rifle scopes plus accessories that will make your next driven hunt an even more enriching experience:


Rifle scopes:

- Z8i 0,75-6x20

- Z8i 1-8x24

- Z6i 1-6x24


Rifle scope accessories:

- TL throw lever

- SLP-O scope lense protector





Driven hunt posts like this one offer a better overview and extra security, as you can shoot downwards. The shooter can move around freely to follow the moving game.




>> When reaching your position as a shooter, it is advisable to measure out certain landmarks around you so that you can better estimate the actual distance and speed of the passing animals, with the EL O-Range e.g.




As Stefaan also covers longer distances when shooting, he opted for a Z8i 2,3-18x56 (with, BTF, SLP and TL). His EL Range 10x42 helps him to correctly measure how close or far away the game is. Thanks to Stefaan Rotthier for sharing some insights into driven hunts in Belgium with us!


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