The quest for the ghost of the Himalaya

December 19 2018

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The quest for the ghost of the Himalaya

Ladakh. A unique mountain oasis wedged between Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, but part of Kashmir / India. A political instable region, the Tibetans who fled refer to it as ‘little-Tibet’. On 4000 à 6000 meter altitude lives one of the most mysterious carnivores of our planet: the snowleopard.

On invitation of “Snow Leopard Quest” I made an expedition with six Belgian naturelovers to search this enigmatic animal. Thanks to Swarovski Optik we got the best optical equipment with us. From dusk until dawn we scanned the entire mountain range, looking for movement in the rocks and snow. During the search we saw stunning fauna. Wolfs, blue sheep, ibisbill, Golden eagles, Himalaya Griffons are just a small selection of what crossed our paths.


Our journey was a great success. Our good material and trained eyes provided us with no less than 5 snowleopard observations, something no one ever has done before.

Our patience was put to the test since it was cold. Extremely cold! We had to sleep in temperatures of -20°. Warm adapted cloths were essential. From 3,500 to 5,500 m altitude, the cold air contained low oxygen levels, which made it an even more challenging expedition. Unique (snow)landscapes and silence brought solace.


I recommend this trip to everyone, it was both physically as mentally challenging, but was definitely worth it: The local culture, the barren, isolated landscapes, the  snowleopards made it all worth it.

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About the Author

I am Anna Schneider, 28 years old, and as a young woman I want to explore as much as possible of the world. As a child I already was passionate about all living things among us. After my studies I discovered my passion for discovering rare animals. The quest for rare birds and mammals often goes together with extreme circumstances. I face these challenges with a smile and love to share this afterwards with as many people as possible.

Text and photos © Anna Schneider

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