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CL Companion NOMAD - Magnify your senses

January 16 2019


CL Companion NOMAD - Magnify your senses

What do you want to experience? Have you seen, heard, tasted, or felt something new today? These are the questions that nomads ask themselves on a daily basis. On their quest for deeper, more intense experiences, they seek to design their lives so that every day is special. On the trail of new discoveries, their senses become heightened and they notice things that others might miss.


This fascinating type of person is part of the inspiration behind the new CL Companion NOMAD from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. They want to see the world from new perspectives and immerse themselves in the moment. They appreciate the joy of seeing and allow themselves to be amazed by the beauty of the unseen. The CL Companion NOMAD is more than a pair of binoculars. It stands out thanks to its elegant design and use of natural materials. The pure, authentic leather armoring is vegetable tanned and sewn by leather craftsmen in Austria. Their stunning optics guarantee fast viewing. Extremely comfortable to use, they provide impressive image quality and an excellent field of view. Their outstanding ergonomics mean you will want these binoculars to be your constant companion.


Time is one of our most precious resources. With the CL Companion NOMAD by your side, every moment, every miniscule discovery is intensified and turned into a unique experience. Give yourself the freedom to experience more.

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