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CL Companion NOMAD - A gift for the senses

February 05 2019

CL Companion NOMAD - A gift for the senses

“Bon anniversaire!”, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, “God jul!”: There are lots of reasons to celebrate. Some, such as a milestone birthday, a wedding, or a promotion, are very special because they mark a new stage in life or an important personal achievement. It’s wonderful to look back on these special days, and even more so if we are given an extraordinary gift.


When you give someone a CL Companion NOMAD, it turns an important moment into an unforgettable one. These binoculars symbolize the visionary qualities that you would like to bestow on the recipient. Along with a love of revealing the unseen and discovering the world with new eyes. This exquisite gift features finest, pure vegetable tanned leather armoring in a beautiful shade of dark brown. The leather is handcrafted in Austria. And you can rest assured that its crystal-clear optics and outstanding ergonomics will provide the user with many years of pleasure.


SWAROVSKI OPTIK brings people closer to the preciousness of the moment. When you give someone a pair of CL Companion NOMAD binoculars, they are reminded of that special day every time they pick them up. And they will go on to enjoy many precious moments that will become a part of their life story.


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