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The SWAROVSKI OPTIK subtension dimensions program helps you to work out the particular subtension dimensions of your reticle with regard to configurable magnification and different distances.

The subtension dimensions program is compatible with:

Overview of features

Select rifle scope, model, reticle

You can select your particular SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scope or STR from the options displayed, but make sure you use its exact name. Then select the model and reticle. The app is launched.


Calculate subtension dimensions

All standard subtension dimensions are displayed. Click on the magnifying glass icon to find additional data that is specific to you. Click on the table to see an overview list.



The subtension dimensions that are now displayed in the left output field default to the largest magnification. You can change the magnification using the slider, by clicking on the magnification displayed, or by entering it in the input field. Doing this automatically adjusts the subtension dimensions.


Calculate, print

Enter your details and click on “Show dimensions.” Now all the data you have entered will be linked. If you need to make any corrections after the first calculation, click on “Show dimensions” again and they will be applied.

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