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ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001 – Certificate 

SWAROVSKI OPTIK has a long tradition of commitment to quality and the environment; this is also evidenced by its management system that is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. 

This system, which is used throughout the business and has also been rolled out to business partners, ensures that the highest standards in quality are maintained and developed on a continuous basis. 

SWAROVSKI OPTIK has always set itself innovative, ambitious quality management goals. 
For example, in 1999, SWAROVSKI OPTIK was the first company in Europe to be awarded certification to the newly revised ISO 9001:2000 standard, and has been continuously improving since that time. 

The ever-present commitment to quality that exists within the company means that we systematically survey the requirements and wishes of customers and partners on an ongoing basis. Based on continuously optimized and established processes, in addition to work sequences recorded in minute detail, these requirements are converted with maximum precision and attention to detail into long-range optical products of the highest quality by skilful and superbly trained employees. 

The in-house research and development department and numerous patents ensure a high level of innovation. State of the art production technologies and an entirely manual final inspection guarantee maximum precision, quality workmanship and functionality. 

An accommodating repair service, short delivery times, training programs and partnership concepts for retail partners, and ongoing training and professional development programs for employees complete the brand’s high quality and the longevity and intrinsic value of their products. 


  • The highest precision, outstanding quality, and functionality, as well as attention to detail in all the company’s activities are all features of our culture.

  • Manufacturing the best optical systems in the world provides the foundation for our success.

  • We are a quality leader thanks to our use of new technologies and the efficient, exacting quality management system applied to all our company processes.

  • Uncompromising quality assurance and a complete final check on the highest precision, workmanship, and functionality guarantee the utmost quality in series production.

  • Based on the requirements arising from the specific application of our long-range optical products, we offer the best optical performance in this regard.

  • Our quality management system imposes our high quality requirements and ensures their continuous improvement.

  • Every day we fulfill our obligation of “constantly improving what is good.”

  • If any conflicts arise in terms of objectives, quality takes precedence over the others.


Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, chairman of the executive board of SWAROVSKI OPTIK, sums up the company’s respectful and enduring way of dealing with nature as follows,

We work in a harmonious symbiosis with nature and the environment because this forms the basis for the use of our products. Only nature that is in good order and the biodiversity of flora and fauna help our customers to enjoy breathtaking, unforgettable visual experiences.

With certification in December 2000 of the integrated environmental management system to the ISO-14001 standard, SWAROVSKI OPTIK reaffirmed its pioneering role for an active environmental policy which includes partners. Customers of SWAROVSKI OPTIK can rely on the fact that state of the art environmental technologies are applied at the highest level in production. SWAROVSKI OPTIK not only complies with applicable environmental law regulations but considers itself obliged to continuously improve its environmental standards to keep impacts as low as possible or to prevent them completely if possible. 

SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s appreciation and respectful way of dealing with nature goes beyond environmentally compatible production techniques and certification according to the strict norms of ISO 1401, and extends to committed initiatives and backing for numerous species protection and nature conservation projects all over the world. SWAROVSKI OPTIK makes an enduring contribution towards the preservation of habitats and animal species and also puts its corporate philosophy into practice actively in the form of cooperation with nature conservation and species protection organizations.


  • As a company based in Tyrol, we consider it our duty to care for the environment, protect nature, and preserve the diversity of species.

  • Not only do we comply with valid legal environmental provisions, but we are also pioneers in promoting an active environmental policy, in which we include our partners, where possible.

  • We undertake to continuously improve our environmental standards on the basis of specified environmental objectives. In doing so, we keep our environmental impact to an absolute minimum and even avoid any at all.

  • • We make a unique contribution to preserving habitats and to the sustainable protection of endangered animal species.



  • We pursue an active and innovative energy policy where we not only comply with legal energy provisions, but also play a pioneering role. This can be recognized from our own ideas that we develop in collaboration with selected partners and from the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The resources required for this are determined and supplied based on financial and economic considerations.

  • We promote awareness of energy issues with our active internal and external communications and information policy. We ensure our staff are actively involved in this.

  • We set ourselves ambitious energy targets so that we can continuously improve energy efficiency. By doing this, we are making a direct contribution to climate protection. 


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